Corn Vigor - Accelerated Aging (AA)

Vigor - Accelerated Aging (AA)

Seeds ready for Accelerated Aging testing

Seeds ready for Accelerated Aging testing


Accelerated aging (AA) is occasionally used for a vigor test for corn.  Seed is aged for 72 hours at 43°C in a high humidity regime. After aging, seed is placed on crepe cellulose paper and covered with sand. Germination is evaluated 7 days after aging. Check samples are used in every cart to ensure consistency.

What is Reported

Percentage of normal seedlings after aging is reported.  Fungal and physical damage notes may be reported.

Value of Results

AA results usually are lower than tray cold tests by 5-10%.  AA maybe most useful in predicting storability of corn seed lots.

Agronomically Accurate Seed Testing Results

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